Why you should choose Sports Betting as career?

sports betting career

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We all love to watch sports all day long. Imagine if you could be actually paid for that. Watching multiple matches, entire wall of screens streaming different sports. Sounds surreal! Well, that is typical day of person in Sports Betting industry.   Sports Betting market is full of job opportunities. Employers across the world are […]

Live Betting for Sportsbook Operators

live betting for operators

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The newest way of placing bets and the most important in today’s betting world is definitely Live Betting. This is the crucial part of betting system for every sportsbook provider. Sportsbook without live betting offer, mainly do not have the resources or capable technology to handle constant odds and data updating for great amount of […]

The Most Popular Football Bet Types

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Sports betting on Football is the most common and popular way of betting. Majority of people place bets on final score or as we know it – 1X2 bets, but there are hundreds of bet types you can place on football. At this blog post, we will try to cover the most important ones. As […]

Sports Betting History

sports betting history

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Sportsbook industry depends on data, information and statistics. From the very start, when creating odds, monitoring odds fluctuations to sports event end – final score, all details within match betting must be done efficiently. When we decided to build Sports Betting Solution from scratch,  we knew it’s going to be a long ride. The main […]

What are the pros of Online Gambling Sites?

sports betting sites - Kayzor Sportsbook

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Online gambling sites are huge hit in this moment and here are the reasons why. Many of the players browse for best websites for online gambling and betting. These websites offer a lot of fun and entertainment if played with a good spirit of sportsmanship. You can easily find really amazing websites for online gambling. […]

How can I place bets online?

Online Sports Betting - Kayzor Sportsbook

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The trend of online sports betting is increasing day by day. But first of all we must know that what this sports betting is all about, with the help of an example. Let us suppose there are two football teams competing against each other. Then one of the person will bet on one team and […]

Sports Betting Platform Opportunities

Betting Opportunities - Kayzor Sportsbook

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A few years ago, it was next to impossible to make a bet sitting into your cousy bed doing anything. But all thanks to the online betting software, that had made betting easy and accessible to everyone. Opportunities of good betting software The good betting software provides the best betting experience to its users. Such […]