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Payment Methods Services

We all know that payment methods integration can sometimes be slow, high cost and not well developed. But Kayzor Sports Betting Solution comes with great amount of already integrated payment methods!

How can customers deposit money?

We accept Interswith, Skrill, Stripe, Flutterwave, Paystack, and Kudy among others. In online world, it’s not all about having your product works sharp, but you also need to provide your users to choose payment method that suits their needs. Cause of all that, Kayzor accepts amazing amount of payment methods within Sports Betting Platform.

Kayzor is flexible, so use that in your advance. We can integrate with any payment solution you have in mind. What will you besides easy integration have, is more opened approach to your customers. As business, we have to be open towards our clients and our clients must be open towards their users too.