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Pre Match Sports Betting Service

Increase your revenue with Kayzor Sports Betting Pre match offer. We cover the great list of all sports events. If you have customers who would like to place bets on football, tennis, basketball or any other sport, you will get all of that with Kayzor Sports Betting Software.


More than 2000 markets for sports betting


Most of the online and offline customers, place bets on football. Kayzor proved more than 2000 markets for betting on different sports.

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Multiple sports and markets must be part of your sports betting solution. In this way you alow your customer to place bets on sports events that haven’t started yet.

Kayzor’s Pre Match Sports Betting Solution can benefit different types of betting operators. Pre Match offer can be distributed through all delivery channels within Kayzor’s Platform: retail (betshops), web, mobile and apps.